Alternative to traditional daily meeting

Most of the dev teams have daily meetings in the calendar. Daily meeting is a good opportunity to share with other team members what’s in our head currently. You may get help, recommendations or share your knowledge and  useful discoveries.

Daily meetings is also a good way to build the team spirit. Especially for distributed teams it is often the only chance during workday to see each others via video and hear each others voices.

But when following traditional meeting structure, we often can notice that team members are almost everyday saying something like: “Yesterday I was working, today I will be working, everything is OK”. Status is visible on board, others can see the contributions, why to waste time on going into details? Sometimes it’s indeed challenging and even uncomfortable for team members to say something more.

If this is your situation and dailies start to look as a waste of time and being uncomfortable for the team, your team may try a different approach: going through items in current sprint/board instead of going through people. You can find an interesting discussion about this approach here.

You may also mix both approaches by going by items for example on every 2nd day. The most important thing is continuous improvement and trying what works best for your team.